Passive House is a building standard that is truly energy efficient, comfortable, affordable and ecological at the same time.

Passive House is not a brand name, but a construction concept that can be applied by anyone to any building. It is a concept that has stood the test of time and practice.

Passive House: Comfort. Quality. Efficiency. Resiliency. Affordability. The qualities that should be part of any new building.

Passive House construction has introduced in a modern concept for high performance building, using 21st century building science to cost-effectively transform the comfort and efficiency of buildings.

Passive House buildings, whether residential or commercial, substantially reduce the heating and cooling energy loads compared to conventional code built structures. A continuous, balanced fresh air supply ensures unparalleled indoor air quality. Operable windows connect indoors with the outside. Super-insulated roof and walls hold warmth in the winter and cool in the summer.

At HMC Custom Builders, we don’t see why you would build any other way.

Passive House Certified Builder