Net Zero is the Path to the Future

⬦ A Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB) produces as much energy as it uses over the course of the year.

⬦ By combining building design methods to reduce energy use and adding on-site renewable energy systems, such as a Solar Photovoltaic system, a net zero building is simple to achieve.

⬦ Research to Reality – With current advances in building science,construction technology, renewable energy systems, and with lower costs to implement these strategies, creating a Net Zero Energy building is available construction path for sustainable and resilient structures.

⬦ A Zero Net Carbon (ZNC) building is highly energy efficient building and produces enough carbon-free renewable energy to meet building operational energy requirements.

⬦ Along with operational carbon free energy, a true Zero Net Carbon building will minimize the use of embodied carbon in construction materials as well as use materials that will sequester carbon as part of the building structure.

⬦ In combination with Passive House construction standards, net zero structures are an easy, effective and efficient criteria to meet.

⬦ At HMC Builder, we can help meet the requirements of these building types, and in fact, we make it our mission to do so.