At HMC we are obsessed with the details!

The DetailsAt HMC, we think of ourselves as a traditional builder that provides services in-house including site work, framing, architectural drawing and the fabrication and installation of architectural millwork. Our frame to finish approach provides us with the tools we need to better manage, support and control any critical path issue that may develop over the course of a project. The team and our organization are built to provide support to our clients and their projects in areas that can often impact the project’s schedule, budget and overall quality. One of the areas that can have real impact on a project is the architectural millwork. HMC has a small artisans/carpenters mill shop where we can produce detailed shop drawings, custom cabinetry, and small runs of architectural millwork. We can also partner up with our extensive network of skilled craftsmen in all of the trades when needed and appropriate to the project.



With decades of experience, Tim and Bob lead our millwork team. Our mission in the shop is very simple: support the project and produce high quality millwork. We have produced and installed architectural millwork throughout New England and as far away as San Francisco. With each project comes a unique set of circumstances that can often include challenges such as sourcing hard to find material or simply building something unique. Our team’s experience and can-do attitude lends itself well to problem solving, working through challenges and moving the project forward. Our collective passion for woodworking is our true strength. The woodworking projects we get most excited by provide us with an opportunity to think outside of the box, develop a new technique, or build something never built before. The shop is another tool in the HMC toolbox that allows us to bring value and uniquely crafted millwork to our clients and their projects.